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As a heating oil supplier operating throughout the country, we at mobene attach prime importance to customer service. With OilFox, we emphasise this service orientation and offer our customers comfort, security and guidance when ordering heating oil. The exact day-to-day determination of quantities required simplifies stock planning and gives our customers the opportunity to monitor prices and place orders directly and easily with the app.

BayWa AG has completely new opportunities thanks to OilFox. OilFox makes automatic delivery service conveniently available at any time. We can also offer this service to customers with multiple tanks, buildings or branches. One positive “side effect” of this customer loyalty campaign is the optimisation of scheduling to increase efficiency and minimise costs in delivery logistics.

SCHARR WÄRME GmbH & Co. KG is pleased, not only to be able to offer its customers ideal advice on all matters involving energy, but also to provide a digital and reliable solution that enables them to keep an eye on both the private heating oil level as well as current price developments. Thanks to its own free app, OilFox delivers this service directly to the customer’s front door.

Simple installation, reliable monitoring of stocks, easy reordering – For the the entire Hoyer group, which is focusing on customer centricity as well as promising a reliable supply, OilFox acts as ideal addition to customer tanks. For customers, the certainty of always having an eye on the fill level of their tanks, the option of triggering replenishment via the OilFox app and the experience that Hoyer always delivers on time are absolute plus points for reliable supply.

»OilFox’s telemetry systems have the power to revolutionise the bulk-tank supply chain for our customers. Workshop managers can effectively outsource oil stock management, and ensure they commit to spend for new stocks only when they really need to. The only time spent on managing bulk tank oil stock will be reading delivery confirmation emails.” 

Paul Miller, Marketing Manager, Castrol Europe 

»We chose to partner with OilFox (LIV-T) for several reasons. Firstly, we valued LIV-T’s in-house programming and support team. Other providers outsource various functions which can be problematic when developing data integration. Secondly, we found that OilFox’s unique Bluetooth – App for set up and installation is market leading for usability and simplicity. Lastly, the people at LIV-T are enviable for their dedication to customer service, product quality and future development.« 

Will MerrickRegional Manager East, NWF Fuels 

»It is a good product, which suits our needs! And it is very easy to handle, even my dad of 65 can install the OilFox!« 

Arno van den Hemel, van den Hemel 


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