Digital transformation for greater customer proximity

OilFox gives you access to every single one of your tanks.
Company-wide – no matter where you are.
Take advantage of digitalisation. Digitalise your tanks with OilFox.

The OilFox EcoSystem


All in one. Manage better with less effort and lower costs.

The FoxPortal

offers you an overview of all customer and tank data. In addition, you can quickly and easily track which orders have been received via the app. The clear presentation of all information enables you to actively address your customers and optimise internal processes.

OilFox App

Exactly what you are interested in. Always ready.

Via the OilFox App,

OilFox users always have all information on filling-level, consumption and remaining range at their fingertips. Thanks to our innovative solution design, sending automatic push notifications for low levels or current offers is easy. Orders can also be placed directly through the app.

OilFox Sensor

More safety. Small gauge with a big effect.

The OilFox Sensor

is quickly and easily installed on all common tank models. It meets the highest quality standards and can be used anywhere and at any time thanks to its robust and waterproof housing. The measured data is transmitted to the FoxCloud via WIFI or mobile radio.

Satisfied customers are the best customers.
Become a comprehensive contact for your customers, create new customer experiences and optimise internal processes all at the same time.

What makes OilFox so special?