One less thing to worry about thanks to the OilFox Pro

The OilFox Pro – always the best choice

Since the measurement is made using a submersible sensor, even the most difficult tank conditions can be mastered. These obstacles are absolutely no problem for the OilFox Pro:

  • Long pipes over 12 cm (offset)

  • Tank openings with small diameters or reduced by welding seams and edges

  • Tank openings with sockets and pipes with internal thread

  • Openings that do not allow vertical mounting

  • Bracing struts and horizontally running pipes inside the tank

  • Indirect tank accesses

  • Indentations in the tank

What makes the OilFox Pro so special



measures via a submersible sensor inside the tank


measures the level of your tank to one centimetre accuracy

Immunity to interference

high immunity to interference thanks to submersible sensor

Measured value

300 mbar, i.e. a measuring height of 350 cm


Tank connection

Mounting via 1 ¼“, 1 ½“ and 2” threads*


mobile radio (NB-IoT) and optionally wifi in one device

Battery life

10 years at NB-IoT and one measurement per day

Protection class

Certification to IP67 – suitable for outdoor use

Cable length

3 m or 5 m to serve a maximum filling level of 350 cm

*The OilFox Pro is being delivered with two 1″ adapters, which allow mounting on internal and external threads.

Simplicity is king

No matter if you have a special tank or standard tank, the OilFox Pro can be set up quickly and easily with the OilFox app and then mounted on the tank. We show you how the installation works.


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